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Common Questions

How much is shipping?

To provide the hardware and construction supplies that you need in the fastest time possible, Mang Johnny’s strive to ship your orders via our most reliable partner courier.

Shipping charges will vary based on dimensional weight, or the estimated weight of the item calculated from length, width and height of package.

The shipping fee indicated in the checkout page is directly quoted from partner courier based on above mentioned factors and the distance of Mang Johnny’s warehouse to your delivery address.

What is return policy?

At Mang Johnny’s, we follow standard operating procedures to ensure that your orders reach you in its best, factory sealed, and brand new condition.

We highly encourage you to immediately inspect the products upon delivery. In the unfortunate event that you need to return what you received, please take a second to check our returns and exchange policy.

Return policy covers product replacement or reimbursement for the amount you have paid subject to deductions for cost incurred by Mang Johnny’s website in processing your order.

To avail of the return policy, at least one of these conditions must be met:

  • The item you received is not what you carted on Mang Johnnys website;
  • The item you received has damaged or defect not attributable to your fault or negligence at the acceptable time frame after the item is delivered to your address; and
  • The item you received has missing accessories in comparison to what is declared at the product description of Mang Johnny’s website.

In order to qualify for the Return Policy of Mang Johnny's, it is understood that customer shall initially shoulder the return of the product to Mang Johnny's.

The product received must be returned in its original state (no clear signs of tampering) in its original packaging complete with pouches and freebies, if there is any.

The following conditions shall not be accepted to be covered by Return policy:

  • Customer had a change of mind about a product purchased;
  • Customer did not like the product, or any part of the product (actual color, actual size);
  • The product is not working/found defective attributable to action of customer;
  • Customer misused the product.

For more details, please feel free to coordinate with

Why haven't I received a confirmation email?

Confirmation emails are automated in Mang Johnny’s website. If within two hours you haven’t received a notification, you may try to register on the website again.

When will my order arrive?

We strive to process orders as quick as possible. Please expect delivery within 7 business days or earlier for Metro Manila addresses. For cities outside Metro Manila, please expect delivery within 10 business days.

Can I cancel my order?

Here at Mang Johnny’s, we strive to deliver the best shopping experience for our customer. We are saddened to learn that you wish to cancel your order.

Due to local bank policies, issuance of credits and refunds may take some time. This schedule is beyond our control./p>

Order cancellations before 5PM on the same day that the order was placed, please allow 7 days to receive refunded amount, less web admin fee.

Request for cancellations that are more than 24 hours after checkout, please allow up to 14 days to receive refunded amount, less web admin fee.

Can I change item in my order?

Updating order quantities may greatly affect the total amount of the transaction.

Since issuance of payment credits may take some time based on prevailing bank processes and schedules, we highly encourage you to be 1000% sure before finalizing order checkout.

In the event that you wish to update your order after submission, you will need to cancel the previous order before placing a new order.

Please confirm with that your first order is cancelled before placing a new order for easier issuance of refund.

Do you ship item from outside Metro Manila?

 Mang Johnny’s ship to Metro Manila addresses at the moment. For orders outside Metro Manila, you may directly send an email to for logistics assistance.

Where is my nearest store and what are the opening times?

Mang Johnny’s does not have a physical store or showroom. This means bigger online exclusive discounts to our customers because we are not paying monthly store rentals. We make sure to pass the savings to you!

How do I create account?

Create an account using a valid email address

Click “Log In” in the upper right corner of the website.

Fill up information requested such as your full name, your preferred username, your birthday, your email address, and your billing address.

Click Submit button.

IMPORTANT: The privacy of your data is protected by Mang Johnnys, and the collected personal information is utilized solely for documentation and fulfilment of purchases on the website. All data collected is not shared to outside parties.

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