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Across the nation, thousands of seasoned builders and professional tradesmen retire per day. With them leaves the requisite knowledge and experience that they have gained over their career.

This is a troublesome statistics considering that 54% of construction managers, engineers and architects belong to this generation.

At Mang Johnny's, we seek to help transfer all of that knowledge to a new batch of home builders, construction hires, and DIY renovators in a time of labor shortage.

As the newest e-commerce website in the Philippines that offers easy buying and selling to everyone, we work hard to network with top-quality Home Solutions Partners to build excellent community that will uphold high standards for Home Builders.

From the “PRAKTIKAL NA TIPS NI MANG JOHNNY” our store gives suggestive products to get the job order complete. A transformed e-commerce wherein our customers would personally feel the out-of-home service of Mang Johnny.

From Hardware, Household Maintenance to Home Finishing-Furnishing – your Total Home Solutions Partner in just a “Click”away.


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